“The benefits of coworking are hard to ignore. Social circles increase significantly, business networks grow, huge jumps in productivity are seen, health and private life factors improve, isolation decreases, and over one third of coworkers surveyed confirmed that their income had increased since joining.” (Deskmag’s 2nd Annual Global Coworking Survey)

There seems to be an overwhelming consensus of the benefits from co-working environments. Here are 6 benefits of this trend:

  1. Networking

    Co-working spaces, can present you with so many opportunities to meet like-minded people add to your network that might become critical for your business. Coworking spaces will enhance your network and in turn connect you with the most relevant people for your business, from potential clients, suppliers and even business partners. For this reason alone, a co-working space can be the perfect environment to begin on any start-up!

  2. Enhance your Productivity & Effectiveness

    Research shows that people who use coworking spaces are more effective due to the mindset adjustment that is generated by the coworking environment. Having others around you working hard, is also the best motivation to keep you moving on. At home, you may be used to waking up at midnight and working till 9am, and doing some of your work on the sofa. Working in your night clothes usually decreases one’s productivity. This may not be the most productive option. Using a coworking space will make you take your work seriously and value your time and skills

  3. Supportive Environment to avoid isolation

    Working alone is isolating and can affect your mood.  One of the best benefits of co-working space, is the supportive environment of people around you. They can provide advice, share their experiences or expertise and also be a source of motivation to keep moving. at a coworking space  you are surrounded by inspiring people. The members of the coworking space have independent lifestyles and makes your day more revitalizing enjoyable and happy.

  4. Business Services

    Co-working spaces offer business services and resources that start-ups require including help with funding, business incubation, sourcing talent, seminars and workshops and meeting the latest advances in technology. Having easy access to such resources really is invaluable.

  5. Financial Benefits

    A co-working space can be a great option, especially for start-ups, in that it requires less financial commitment. Renting an office includes taking care of installing infrastructure and taking care of utility bills that drain cash and time. Coworking membership can include access to all crucial amenities e.g. conference/ meeting rooms, Wifi access, photocopier/ printer, deskspace, locker facilities, parking etc. This can be a life-saver when comes to starting up a business and makes a lot more financial sense than renting your own office..

  6. Creativity

    Being in an entrepreneurial, innovative environment, however, can help boost entrepreneurial thinking. It also allows for easy reach for advice and solutions to problems. Working at home, and being in the same environment can hamper inspiration. The nature of co-working spaces tend to attract a buffet of talent with a wide variety of people from all different sorts of industries and fields. Take advantage of the ability to trade and share skills as you never know who you’ll find and you’ll often be surprised by how they’re so beneficial to you and your startup.

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