CrowdCreate is Ubuni’s online crowdfunding platform dedicated to discovering and supporting great creative and entrepreneurial ideas from artists and innovators in Kenya. Crowdfunding is a funding method where common people like you and me, known as the crowd, fund a specific project with their own money. The term commonly use to describe this money-giving action is “Donation” or “Harambee” in Swahili. The roots of crowdfunding are in supporting the arts as a way for fans to engage with the artists they love.

Crowd-Create platform was created to actualize the production of quality creative content & products that will inspire global audiences with positive African stories that will compete with others from Africa and the rest of the world.  This platform will provide the opportunity to creative professionals and the public to create the creative content, innovations & technologies they wish to see thus developing the creative industries in Kenya. The main objective of the platform is to:

  • Discover and incubate the next generation of creative talent.
  • Connect directly with creators and arts lovers.
  • Empower artists and innovators to launch their creative visions.